Saturday, January 16, 2010

You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

Ok.. so I watched 2 movies yesterday.. and had good and bad experiences. The first one watched was National Treasure 2. I don't really feeling like researching and finding pix at the moment to look for the correct title.. but it was the second in of the 2 films. Nicholas Cage was definitely as good in this movie as he was in the first and I have to say that the National Treasure movies are 2 of my favorite movies. I would watch this movie again to catch things I may have missed watching it the first time. It still amazes me how people come up with the things they do! I mean all the gadgets and gizmos and triumphs one has to over come to find a city of gold are amazing. This movie is definitely a movie that I would watch again. I recommend it :)

Grade: A

now.. I'm going to do this one with a background history. I've been a follower of this trilogy for since the first movie came along. I fought with those who said it wasn't a good movie because I still felt it was a good movie, even if it didn't follow the games correctly. I thought as a stand alone movie it was good. The second movie came out and I was a little worried, but still thought it was still pretty decent. I wasn't entirely pleased with it. I'm sure you have a feeling which trilogy I'm talking about. Yes that's right the Resident Evil trilogy. Watching Extinction was one of the worst ideas after watching such a good movie in National Treasure. The entire movie I sat there wondering what the heck was going on. There are several years between the second and third movies where the world has fallen to the undead. The opening scene really confused me at first with Alice waking up in the shower like she did in the first movie and then sequenced between a couple different things.. I thought it was a dream sequence at first but to later find out they had cloned her.. a lot. From the first 5 minutes of the movie I knew it was something that I was most likely not going to enjoy. Then the horror movie feel like I was watching the chainsaw massacre made me hate it that much more. I couldn't wait for the movie to end. All of the dessert stupidity and just all of it. The movie was shitty. I would not watch this movie again and I feel like I wasted a netflix rent due to it.. and i would even go as far as saying it ruined what I once liked as series of movies. I'll never forget when I saw the first movie, I watched it a couple times because I was interested in it.. and even though it wasn't like the game it was good enough for me as a movie being a movie. The third one just didn't have anything going for it from the beginning.

Grade: F.. And I want to say I'm sorry.. but I'm not.. i can't feel sorry that the movie sucked.. i didn't make it!!

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