Monday, January 11, 2010

Get Smart Review

For years now i've been watching Steve Carell go about his "funny" antics on a plethora of movies and shows. Much like Will Ferrel I don't find him all that hilarious or entertaining. However, there are certain movies that he stars in that it's just great acting. Get Smart is one of those movies. I'll admit that I wanted to see this movie since it came out just because of Dwayne Johnson, but the entire cast was great.

Get Smart is about Max Smart, who is a details guy for a secret government organization that just wants to become an agent instead of being behind a desk at all times. After a lot of things happen and go wrong, Max is finally put in the field with another agent, 99. Played by Anne Hathaway, 99 has been doing this for years and knows what she is doing and does not want to have Max attached to her side on a the mission they are about to undergo. It's amazing to me how Hathaway has really grown up over the years and is quite the actress.

There were moments in the movie where I actually laughed out loud. It's definitely a comedy and I enjoyed the Alias take on the movie. There were points of the movie that I actually thought I was watching an episode of Alias, but more like it was a comedic spoof. I would certainly recommend the movie to anyone.

I'm not going to lie.. i loved this movie, which surprises me. It definitely caught me off guard.

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