Friday, January 8, 2010

Just a story..

Peter looked at Mary Jane, his friend, his girl, his wife, and couldn't help but see Gwen. His lost love so many years ago. He saw her eyes swelled with tears as she looked at him. His own eyes getting heavy closing them for a second. In that second he saw the Green Goblin with Gwen and in the next second he heard Gwen's screams as she plummeted down into the river. His eyes opened and he saw the tears no streaming down Mary Jane's face.

He reached up his hand to her face to wipe away her falling tears. "I love you MJ. I just have to do this alone..." he stalled in his words like he stalled before trying to save Gwen. If only he had been a little bit faster. If he wouldn't have hesitated. He shook his head from the thoughts. Gwen was dead and he couldn't keep thinking about her now. The past is gone. Over. He had MJ now. They've been together five years now.. Feels like forever. "I can't risk losing you, too." he finally finished. He noticed her slight hesitation as he pressed her face into his hand. Her eyes still glistening with tears, but they weren't falling down her cheeks anymore.

"I know, Tiger" she said to him.

She called everyone Tiger, but when she called him it he felt so special. Like somehow it was a different word all together. It's one of the reasons he fell in love with her. Her words carried so much emotion and power in them. He never questioned her ability as an actress because he knew she was the greatest.

He put his hand was back at his side and looked into her eyes. They were already losing their teary gleam. He always cared for her, but it wasn't until recently that he truly realized it. With all of the villain activity he had been away for too long. They hadn't seen each other for a couple of weeks and that's what they were fighting about now.

Well that's all i wrote.. haha i was bored one day at the laundry mat and so that's what I did. hope you enjoyed it :)

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  1. Love it, you always write a scene in the middle of something and i want to read the rest of the story and see how we came to this point and what is going on now and what is gonna happen, aaaahhhh!