Monday, October 13, 2014

Blue Dancer

The fan blades spun slowly as the night grew longer.  It was hot.  Humid hot, the kind where you felt sticky.  Something beckoned to come out.  Couldn't explain what but he knew she was out there tonight.

The car engine started and the street lights blew by in a blurry vague dream-like breeze.  The music playing slowed down time giving the illusion that everything had an unhappy feel to it.  The neon that adorned the club stood out from the surrounding area almost like the light at the end of a long tunnel.

Was she there?

Inside, the innumerable bodies motioned and waved with the music.  The heat seemed to reach in here as well.  Glistening sweat reflected the multicolored lights and bounced it around the vast room in and out of all the depressed, lonely souls.

Blue eyes fell upon him.  Her hair was short, shorter than most and her black tank top stuck to her body for fear if it fell it would die.  She looked sad.  The feeling of emptiness was clear on her face.  He felt sorry for her without even knowing anything about her.  She danced like cream.  Her motions smooth and slow, he couldn't figure out how he knew she was sad but he just knew.  Like a higher power was leading him here tonight, under the lights, to rescue her from whatever it was that hurt her.
She was sleek and warm.  Her hair smelled of sweat and home.

Palm trees stood silhouetted against the night stars and passed the car in an unidentified pattern.  Her hand rose up and down coasting over the air that blew along the vehicle.  Eyes closed she bobbed her head to the music, her sadness filling the space around them.

The apartment bed was hard in contrast to how soft her clothing was.  The lines of texture.  Locking eyes, you could instantly tell just how depressed her soul was.  Small tears invaded her eyes, holding her close he knew this was someone you didn't find too often.

Or did you?

Naked, her body reflected the aura of the illuminated sign outside ironically advertising a vacancy.  She held herself close almost as if defensively.  Sweat formed a cascading maze down her back and around her soaking hair.  He offered solace from the outside world.  She knew it was what she needed.  What would make it all better.  That's when she denied.

The car left the lot leaving an empty space surrounded by a cloud of dirt, taking the blue with her.  He never caught her name but has since seen her at that same club every night.  She dances through her emotions but cannot let them go.  Never saying what has her down and never letting anyone relieve the pressure.  Just that one night.

She gives a small smile from across the room.

The palm trees wisked by as the cool night air blew over her hand, flying up and down but never letting go.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thoughts and Ideas... Ideas and Thoughts...

It looks to be dark outside, but who can really tell in here.  I never really know what time of day it is anymore.  What day is it? No outside communication, no media, no watches, calendars, phones.  The only semblance of time is lights out, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  What has my life become?  It's a sad story.  It's not a story for everyone.  It's not even a story I like to live.  But it is my story and I shall bare it.  My life now can only go up, or that's what they tell me when we have our meetings in the dingy room with the long table.  I hate that room, but I love that room.  That room has a window and normally I can see the yard. It's even better when they let us out in the yard.  The feeling of the sun against my skin is nice.  I remember when I could feel that all the time. The heat feeling like it'll burn my skin. It's nothing like playing with fire, but the feeling is almost the same.  I don't remember what exactly fire is like.  We're not allowed any sort of open flames here either.  There's not much to do, i just have to bide my time.

You become like a pack rat here. Finding little things to call your own. The few things I've stowed away under my mattress had been dried up grass clippings and a small rock.


It's hard to say really when my life turned around.  It wasn't something that changed in an instant or even over night. There were little things that changed my outlook of the things around me.  Small bits and pieces fitting together like a puzzle.  The world around me becoming clearer until it felt like I could see everything for what it was.  We work our days through menial jobs over and over again; day after day.


If you knew me and my life and the things I've seen then you'd probably wish that you hadn't seen them and run the other way.  Most people can't deal with the things I've put up with, but then again, what I've done and where I've been, most people wouldn't even have a chance to do a fraction of it.  You see, I'm not from here.  I'm from a place far away.  Sure I could go into the whole "Star Wars" intro:  "A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away".  The problem with that is.. I'm not from a long long time ago.  There's no time like the present, right?  Yes it's true. I've traveled great distances to be here on your planet.  For what, you ask?  Well let's just say, if you're lucky enough your planet won't be destroyed before you finish reading this.

It's true other species outside of your planet do exist and