Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Movie Review - Star Wars : The Clone Wars

To start off, I am a huge Star Wars fan. I love every.....well okay, I love love the orignal trilogy and some stuff of the prequels. I remember being in the theatre watching Episode 3 thinking, well this is it, the last Star Wars movie ever. I was wrong.
What we got a few years later is an all cgi (if you know Lucas you saw the cgi thing coming) movie that takes place during Episode 2. This movie was aimed a tad towards kids and is kind of a long pilot for the tv series of the same name.
First off you notice that the beginning titles are different and dont use the Star Wars theme or scrolling text that you are used to seeing. Then it launches right into a story where a narrator tells you whats going on and then its right into it. I did not like this and unless you really know Star Wars then you are going to be a bit lost and confused.
The story is about Jabba the Hutt's baby being kidnapped. The Jedi go to save the baby so that they can reach a bargain with Jabba to open up a trade route for the Senate to use. During this time, Anakin is assigned a padawan named Ahsoka. She acts just like he did when he was younger or at least should be acting like if we are going by Episode 2 logic. Its a bit annoying at times.
The story is easy to guess what happens next and you dont really care about anyone or anything that happens. It doesn't seem like a full story is used, more like a portion of something decent someone thought of.
The animation is good but the style they chose to go with looks almost as if these are carved figures that are being moved. The orignal voices aren't used either with the exception of Sam Jackson as Mace Windu and Christopher Lee as Count Dooku. Although the guy doing the voice of Obi-Wan does an amazing job at doing a Ewan McGregger.
I was not entertained by this movie but liked watching it because it was Star Wars. Its nothing amazing but at least worth a watch to see where Star Wars is going these days.
-Good animation and cgi
-More Star Wars
-Too kid friendly and jokey
-Lackluster story
-Quick, out of nowhere ending thats handled poorly
-More of a cartoon pilot

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  1. I agree with you completely.. i remember when i watched it i wasn't interested really.. kept texting and stuff. just wasn't into it that much. It could have been much better..surprised you gave it a B-