Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Chapter

The pencil hit the paper in an erratic rhythmic motion.  Shapes became emotions, strokes into life.
He could feel her with every line.  Memories deeply ingrained now poured themselves out onto the page.
Hair in strands of silk draped over soft porcelain skin.
Running between my fingers.
Wet passionate lips reflect through longing eyes.
Hands intertwined, we move with grace as the music guides our bodies in melodic dance.
The graphite grinds away while the pencil tries feverishly to capture that moment.
That memory.
That feeling.
Shades and shadows grow darker.  Emotions colder.  Arguments louder.
Sorrow and pain fill the gaps, no longer of cherished reminiscence.
What once evoked joy and fulfillment now only hurts.
The strokes broader, lines messier.
Memories now tainted unable to achieve their once brilliant luster.
The surface now covered as the pencil tip snaps in two.
Her face stares through the mess, her beauty unfazed by the chaos around it.
The pencil hits the floor, mournfully tossed.
The music flows to a close.
A moment now lost.