Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Time

It's Time

It wasn’t her time.

She knew it wasn’t her time and yet it felt like her life was coming to an end. The paddles of the ceiling fan above her were whispered into the shadows of the room. The lights were off. Only the pale light of the moon showing through the windows illuminated her naked skin as she lie on her bed naked. Her body glistened with sweat. She hadn’t done any physical activity yet. The heat was just unbearable.

She wipes her hands over her supple breasts taking the droplets of sweat with it. Her nipples both hard. She missed the cold air as much as she missed the touch of a man.

She was going to get her chance though soon. At a man.

As she lay on her back, she watched the white fan paddles rotating in the black darkness of the ceiling. Her heart felt like it was skipping beats to the hum of the fan.

It wasn’t her time.


With the sun down he thought it would have been cooler by now. The heat didn’t affect him much. It wasn’t the important thing to worry about tonight. There was something more. She was already at her apartment. He had to get there and finish his assignment.

The call came last night.

He has been following her since. Deciding the best time to make his move.

It had to be soon. Before the sun came up. It had to be over before the night came to a close.

He stood outside the building. There were no lights on in her windows. She couldn’t have gone out already. He was right behind her when she went in. There wasn’t a back way out. She was there he knew it.

It had to be now.


Was it her time?

She still felt it was. The air seemed to change. She knew the man had followed her. She knew he was standing outside. He wasn’t out there any longer. That’s when the air changed. When he entered the building. His presence sucked the air out of the building. That or it was getting hotter. Even without the sun shining.

It was her time.

The floor creaked just outside of her door. Her heart was beating faster than the white blades above her now. She didn’t realize she was holding her breath until a long rush of air was finally exhaled. She gripped her left breast with her right hand.

This was it.

It was time.


The tip of the cigarette in his mouth glowed brightly in the dark. He was outside her door now. The floor creaked beneath his feet and he swore through the cigarette. The smoke drifted towards the ceiling. He took another drag, and then flicked the butt down the hall. No regard where the butt landed.

He was going to do this.

It was her time.

He listened a moment at the door. No movement inside. He smashed down the door with a swift kick to its center. The old wooden door crumbled under the force of his foot.

This will be easy.

She didn’t scream when he burst in the door. She didn’t even flinch. Her head turned towards him and her eyes looked accepting.

Too easy.

He released the knife from its hiding place at his back. Wedged in his belt. Slowly he pulled it to his side with a grin on his face.


His dark coat blended in with the darkness that surrounded him. The only thing she could see now was his white shirt showing from behind his coat and the gleaming knife at his side.

She gasped. He lunged at her.

She fell against the mattress with him on top of her.

She didn’t scream. Her hand wrapped around his wrist. She saw it. The one with the knife, it was in her hand. She did all she could to keep his arm far from her body.

He was strong.

Stronger than her.

His hand drew closer to her body. She couldn’t push him away any more.

This was it. It truly was her time.

She struggled. He pushed. She turned. He twisted. She pulled.

The knife sliced deep. Dug further.

It was sharp.

A gasp.

Then nothing.

She let out a small whimper. She pushed his body off of hers. It fell limp to the floor.

It wasn't her time. It was his.

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